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Critical Vision

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There are two ways to watch a spot of entertainment. You can fold your arms and sit back with expectations that may or may not be met, or you can go along for the ride and see what it brings you.  Continue Reading »

Oct 20th, 2014

The New Law of the Land

Posted By Lisa

You have to have a carbon monoxide detector in your house now. The bill was passed last November but the law came into effect this week. And manufacturers are ready with scads of them to choose from. You can have a warning light, a warning alarm, and probably one that sprays confetti if that’s what you want.  Continue Reading »

Oct 17th, 2014

Brandt’s Randt – Don’t Mess With Ebola

Posted By Lisa

I was quarantined once and I took it damn seriously. When a medical official tells you that you might be putting other people at risk of getting sick, you listen. With me, it was salmonella, a condition I don’t recommend, like food poisoning gone nuclear. But I digress. Today’s randt is about a person who ought to know better who proved she really doesn’t.  Continue Reading »

Oct 16th, 2014

The Business of Being Offended

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We get complaints, everybody in media does. In fact, if you’re not getting complaints, you’re not making enough of an impact on your market. Some are funny, some are puzzling and some are downright ridiculous, as if the writer is brand new to the planet and not yet familiar with how things work. This is just a grab-bag of some of the most recent ones. Continue Reading »

Oct 15th, 2014

It’s Good to be a Skeptic

Posted By Lisa

Like most other radio morning shows, we had some fun with the three-breasted Florida woman.  I immediately called foul, and didn’t believe it was true. Several news sources claim to have dug up a report the woman wrote about lost luggage that included a “three-breast prosthesis”.  Continue Reading »

Oct 14th, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted By Lisa

I hope you have a wonderful day, however you spend it.  I will be sticking close to home, working with a voice coach (everybody needs a coach!) and eating turkey leftovers. I leave you with this grin.   Continue Reading »

Oct 13th, 2014
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