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What Money Can’t Buy

Posted By Lisa

Often times when people ask me if I miss working in Toronto I reply that I miss two things: the people and the money, in that order. It’s no surprise that Toronto as a whole would offer a bigger salary along with a bigger cost of living. So people think I’m joking and sometimes I am!  Continue Reading »

Mar 27th, 2015

Brushes With Fame

Posted By Lisa

Celebrities are just people who got good at what they do and became known for it. Or they’re Kardashians. But social media has given us a chance to connect with them and them with us.   Continue Reading »

Mar 26th, 2015

Preparing for Riding Season

Posted By Lisa

The foot that required a boot late last year is healed. My rotator cuff is stronger now from physiotherapy, massage therapy and daily exercises. Now if I can just get my hip to cooperate fully after a muscle pull, I’ll feel confident about swinging a leg over B3 when the weather allows it.  Continue Reading »

Mar 25th, 2015

Annual Wanderlust

Posted By Lisa

It happens every year: I get spring fever.   Continue Reading »

Mar 24th, 2015

I’m a Belieber

Posted By Lisa

Well, I’m a Belieber inasmuch as I can’t wait for the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber to air next week.  Continue Reading »

Mar 23rd, 2015

Celestial Trifecta

Posted By Lisa

Today offers a rare combination of atmospheric events: a solar eclipse, a new supermoon and the Spring Equinox. Continue Reading »

Mar 20th, 2015
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