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Brandt’s Randt – Cool Me Down!

Posted By Lisa

I try very hard not to crab and whine when it’s hot and sticky but I can’t help but celebrate this stretch of weather that everybody else seems to be complaining about!  Continue Reading »

Jul 31st, 2014

Sometimes They Get Caught

Posted By Lisa

The news releases we get from OPP detachments fascinate me. Many times they have no relevance to our audience and the issues they concern are so small, they’re not newsworthy.  But once in a while one comes in that’s so unusual, it bears some sort of mention.  Continue Reading »

Jul 30th, 2014

Beyond Tragic Circumstances

Posted By Lisa

It was unexpected, as these incidents always are.  London’s southwest Costco, jammed with Friday afternoon shoppers, suddenly ducking and covering from raining shards of glass as a vehicle backs through the front doors.  How it missed the posts that hold the huge panes of glass, how it ended up going backwards into an area full of people, are still under investigation.   Continue Reading »

Jul 29th, 2014

Rock The Park 11

Posted By Lisa

As I write this, I wonder how I’ll ever talk on the radio this week! My throat is shot, my neck is killing me, my feet are swollen and I’m grinning like an idiot. Rock the Park 11 was a huge success as one of London’s most-beloved annual events and a fundraiser for an important charity founded by two of the most wonderful people I’ve ever been lucky enough to meet.

Continue Reading »

Jul 28th, 2014

A Friday Moment of Zen

Posted By Lisa

This is Rock the Park weekend here in London. For those of us on The Big Show on Free-FM it means a five-hour live broadcast from Harris Park followed by band intros, meets and greets and such.  We have appointment with Huey Lewis & the News, Burton Cummings and the band whose big win in our contest got them the right to open the day, Highway Jones.  Continue Reading »

Jul 25th, 2014

Brandt’s Randt – Google Me!

Posted By Lisa

My fellow Ontarians disappoint me. We have the world and beyond at the click of a mouse! And this is what we’re Google-searching???? I must randt.  Continue Reading »

Jul 24th, 2014
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