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Holiday Therapy

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Sometimes the best therapy is a change of scene!  I’ll return to this space after Boxing Day. Until then, have a safe and happy holiday!Comic titled Christmas Group Therapy. Characters sit opposite a psychiatrist. Santa says I don't believe in myself. Frosty says I think I'm bi-polar. Rudolph says All the other reindeer call me names. An elf says, I'm trapped in a dead-end job.

Dec 19th, 2014

Brandt’s Randt – Shutting My Pie Hole

Posted By Lisa

I saw a quote from someone last week and it said, stop complaining for 24 hours and see how your life changes. We call it venting or sharing but it’s really just the same: complaining. And it inspired this week’s randt.  Continue Reading »

Dec 18th, 2014

Bringing Back the Heat

Posted By Lisa

Not a lot of women like to talk about menopause. Scratch that. They don’t like to bring it up. Once the topic is introduced, they can’t stop talking about it! I’m trying to see it as a positive thing, like Raj in the Big Bang Theory did when he described it as, “nature’s birth control”!   Continue Reading »

Dec 17th, 2014

Sometimes We Make a Difference

Posted By Lisa

Most of the time what we do on the radio is gone moments later. It’s entertainment and sometimes we provoke thought or create action but most of the time, it’s gone with the wind and it’s on to the next thing.  Continue Reading »

Dec 16th, 2014

Nothing Is Really Safe

Posted By Lisa

When some movie and TV stars pleaded with people to not look at photos hacked from their personal email I thought, you doth protest too much. What are you, a famous person, doing uploading naked pictures to the cloud? The cloud is for storing and for sharing. The cloud is not safe. It’s as thin as a cloud.  Continue Reading »

Dec 15th, 2014

This Boot is Made for…Storing Until the Next Injury!

Posted By Lisa

The aircast came off this week and I took my first tentative steps with a free foot. It’s not ready for the treadmill yet and it won’t go into a high heel but it’s a lot better than before the boot.  Continue Reading »

Dec 12th, 2014
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