The Week That Was

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We may have witnessed the end of a rapper’s career before it even really got started.  And I ask you, is that really a bad thing?  

Someone was shot at a Young Jeezy show in Toronto last week and what do you know, three people were shot at his show in London on Friday night.  How long is it before someone can literally say a Jeezy show “killed”?

Who drives drunk at 9 am on a Thursday? Someone, according to police, who drove up on guy wires at a major intersection here in London.

silver car up on its back bumper suspended by wires coming from a pole

Police allege the driver was on drugs and booze at the time.  No one was hurt but it was a pretty unusual sight.

And in England the nannies of society who feel it’s their duty to tell us all what we can and cannot see won a round against a clever merchant.  A furniture store called Sofa King has been using “sofa king low” to describe its prices for 10 years.  But thanks to some tsk-tsking consumer complaints, the Advertising Standards Authority has ordered the company to take down its signs and stop using the “offensive” slogan.  It’s too bad.  In fact I’d say it’s sofa king wrong.

Apr 8th, 2012

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  1. Kevin said,

    Haha! That’s sofa king funny!

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