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Posted By Lisa

Do you think Twitter is just a whole bunch of crap?  

Perfect! Because some enterprising entrepreneur has created Twitter toilet paper!  You can have the tweets of your favourite celebrities printed onto 2-ply.

hanging roll of toilet paper with several brief quotes on it

I’m a Twit now but I remember when I first heard about Twitter.  “You do what?  You do an update on what you’re doing or thinking in 140 characters or less….for what?!?”  But now I think it’s fun, it’s actually important for my job and it’s sometimes even educational.

If you start using the Twitter TP you would actually get to do some reading in the loo, too.  A magazine article or book is just too darn long.  How about scanning a few tweets while you do your business?  This product is just ridiculous enough to become a success.

My second-favourite new product is the coffin for bacon lovers.

coffin painted to look like strips of bacon, with gold-toned handles and cream satin lining

People who love bacon really, really love bacon.  And if they love bacon so much it may have had something to do with how they landed in a coffin in the first place.  So why not celebrate the pork delight on the stairway to heaven?  It’s part of a new genre; the theme funeral!  The knees quake at the thought of how far that concept could go!

Mar 31st, 2012

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  1. Derek Botten said,

    A whole new twist on the concept of “bacon to go”!

  2. Erin Davis said,

    And perhaps in the basement kitchen of the church, a kindly lady is tending to a few pounds of it dancing on a griddle…so those “heavenly” aromas waft among the congregation…

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